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Words about Quivers

QUIVERS from Melbourne, Australia (via Tasmania) just toured their cathartic lyric-driven guitar pop around the USA. Guitars and tape loops that glimmer and glisten. Four distinct male and female voices. Hard jangle about grief, friendship and love. Quivers were originally slated to tour in 2020, but at least the delay has brought a 2nd album, Golden Doubt (out on Ba Da Bing), and a full cover of REM’s Out of Time which the band themselves endorsed with fire emojis. Check out their MusicPowered site here. You can even listen to the full Golden Doubt album on there!

Quivers are (from top left clockwise) Michael Panton, Sam Nicholson, Bella Quinlan & Holly Thomas

Words about MusicPowered

MusicPowered is a Content Management System (CMS) developed by me. Originally created way back in 2013 when PHP and Adobe Flash was still in fashion, it was called Fulgeo and it was re-written in 2015 and renamed MusicPowered. The latest version of MusicPowered doesn’t contain a single line of code from the 2013 and 2015 versions. Onwards and upwards to the new, exciting and emerging technologies I say. The latest version is truly powered by music. While I’m working on it I draw inspiration from a constant sound-track playing in the background.

MusicPowered – simple effective sites for bands

Quivers X MusicPowered

Quivers had experimented with different website creators and tools, however these tools can sometimes be complicated and like patch work. The big bands have a budget for this kind of thing and use digital agencies to make bespoke websites for every new album they release. There must be some middle ground! I was browsing their site and noticed they were trying to setup an online store. I offered help in re-writing their whole website from the ground up, attempting to keep the original aesthetic of what they had already built. From these efforts, MusicPowered was re-born using the latest & greatest in tech. In this case study, we’ll explore how Quivers used MusicPowered to sell merchandise, manage orders, publish tour dates, stream songs, and reach a larger audience all without having to write a single line of code.


Selling merchandise is an essential aspect of any band’s online presence, and Quivers is no exception. With MusicPowered, the band was able to set up an online store where customers could purchase their merchandise easily. MusicPowered is a CMS (Content Management System) built for bands along with eCommerce flavours. The public facing site provides a secure payment method for customers buying merchandise. They can effortlessly add items to their cart and checkout. The band can easily add their merchandise, set desired prices and stock counts, upload merch photos, take merch off the online store and write up words about the merch. Quivers get email notifications when customers buy any of their merchandise. Customers buying merchandise also get emails when they submit the order and when the order is shipped.

Quivers sell their merch on their site


Order management is not optional when using an eCommerce solution. MusicPowered offers many order management tools. Quivers use order management in MusicPowered to ensure orders are fulfilled correctly. When a customer makes a purchase on their store, an order is created. Quivers are able to see at a glance which orders haven’t been fulfilled yet, prepare and ship the order and mark it as shipped. Quivers use the “send message to buyer” feature to add a custom element to the transaction – maybe it’s a distant relative or an old friend buying the merch. They can also add details about the transaction, such as a post tracking number. Buyers are emailed automatically when the merch is posted and the order is completed by Quivers.

Choose from order list, order map or pick list. Pictured here is the order map showing where quivers has shipped to


Publishing tour dates was another crucial element of Quivers’ online strategy. MusicPowered provided the band with the ability to manage their tour dates effectively. This came in handy when Quivers was eventually able to tour the U.S. They had planned to tour in 2020 but this was delayed until 2022. They created a dedicated page where they could list all their upcoming shows, along with details about support acts & the venue with links to purchase tickets or RSVP. MusicPowered made it easy for the band to update their tour dates and keep their fans informed about their shows. Fans were able to see a tour map and find out where Quivers were playing. The tour management tools in MusicPowered can also be connected to Bands in Town if you want to pull down all your gig info from it.

Quivers toured the entire width of the US! Pictured is their tour page and map


Quivers used MusicPowered to stream their music directly on their website, which was a great way to attract new fans. MusicPowered allowed the band to upload their latest tracks, music videos, and exclusive content, making it easy for fans to listen and engage with the band’s music. Using MusicPowered, Quivers were able to upload their mp3 tracks, add album art, write song titles & album names. Quivers were also able to add their beautiful music videos to their site. Once uploaded to YouTube, all they had to do was add the video IDs in the management tools to publish the videos to their fans.

Quivers stream their music and videos on their site

The work Lachlan did to setup our site was fantastic. He handled every aspect of the site from the domain name, hosting, email integration to the actual site itself. Using MusicPowered has allowed us to focus on what we love – playing music. Thanks Lachlan!

It has been a big year for Quivers and MusicPowered with a continued collaboration. Quivers was able to leverage MusicPowered to sell their merchandise, publish their tour dates, stream their songs, and reach a wider audience. The band was able to manage their website more effectively, freeing up time to focus on their music.

Don’t forget to head on over to Quivers’ website, you can find it here:


If you’re a musician or in a band looking to grow your audience and promote your music, using MusicPowered could be the key to success! For your free band website, follow the link below!


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