Redefining stock counts on MusicPowered

We’re excited to share the latest update to MusicPowered: the ability to count stock down to the sale item variation level. We know that accurate inventory management is crucial for the success of any online retailer, and that’s why we’re constantly striving to improve our platform and provide our bands with the most reliable and effective inventory management tools possible.

With this new feature, you can now track the stock levels of each individual variation of a sale item, rather than simply relying on an overall count for the product as a whole. This means you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify which variations are selling fastest and which ones may need to be restocked, allowing you to make informed decisions about your inventory and keep your customers happy.

We crunched the numbers on MusicPowered bands and found that many of their stock items had variations. Having an overall count of the item (e.g. 30 t-shirts) just wasn’t good enough – we needed to add the ability to count how many of the variations are still in stock.

What is a stock item variation you ask? Considering a t-shirt item, a variation would be, for example, “size” = “small”, “medium” or “large”. Having the stock count on the variation means that the item’s variations will go out of stock depending on which variation is more popular. If the item had 10 of each size, but the medium size was more popular, the medium size may go out of stock before the small and large sizes do.

This feature more accurately reflects what is really in stock and makes sure the band doesn’t over sell their stock items. Once a single variation goes out of stock, that variation is no longer available to purchase by the customers. You’ll find the item variation stock count located next to each of the stock variations in your product editor under Merch. If your product doesn’t have variations then don’t worry, you’ll still be able to set a stock count on the overall item if required.

For the band: managing the stock count is at the item variation level. If a customer purchases 2x Medium t-shirts, the stock count is automatically reduced from 10 to 8 on successful checkout.
For the band’s customers: during checkout the ‘sold out’ status is at the item variation level. Here there are no more Medium sized items available to purchase so that option is disabled.

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