How do I setup my Tours page?

The Tours page on your MusicPowered website can show all your upcoming shows including the date and location/venue. It can also show a button on each show so your fans can get tickets online.

MusicPowered has two options for creating the content on this page. Use the checkboxes to choose which option you want to control your tour info. Below are the two options:

  1. Bands in Town integration
    Connects to your Bands in Town account to obtain tour info.
  2. Tour Manager
    Allows custom entry of tour info with more information / options.

In this howto guide, I’ll cover each option in details.

Bands in Town integration

MusicPowered is integrated with Bands in Town so you can keep all your shows in one place and have them automatically shown on your MusicPowered site! So if you haven’t signed up to that service, you’ll need to.

Once signed up, or if you already have an account, follow the below instructions:

  1. Login into Bands in Town
  2. Request access to the API here:
  3. You can enter your MusicPowered web URL into the website link
  4. For the reason, say that you’re integrating your own site with Bands in Town
  5. Soon you’ll get some info containing:
    1. Your “Artist ID”
    2. Your “App ID”
  6. Now login to MusicPowered and go to “Site Settings”, then “Tours”
  7. Enter the “Artist ID” and “App ID” you got from Bands in Town.

Now your tours page will show all your shows, along with the date, time, location and a button to get tickets to the show!

Tour Manager

The Tour Manager option in MusicPowered gives you full control over the content that is going to show up on your tours page:

  • Venue name
    This is the name of the venue where your event is happening
  • Event date and time
    This is the date and the time when your event starts
  • Support acts
    A list of support acts that are also playing at the same event, including links to their websites
  • Link to get tickets or RSVP
    A link to get tickets or RSVP to the event
  • Venue address
    The full address of the venue where the event is happening
  • Tour map
    After completing all events in your tour, you can see a map showing the full tour

Once in the Tour Manager mode, use the forms & buttons to create events in the tour. Each event has fields for entering the event details.

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