MusicPowered dances into the digital delivery gold mine

New in MusicPowered is the ability to sell digital products. The new features built to support digital delivery have been established from a real need coming from a MusicPowered customer.

Digital deliveries add a whole new dimension to merch, one that is much more profitable for musicians or bands. Normal merch sold by musicians or bands such as t-shirts, caps, records and CDs are a common staple however every unit sold comes with a manufacturing cost. To sell a t-shirt, the t-shirt needs to be prepared and shipped to the musician or band before being sold on to loyal fans.

Holly Thomas’ “hollogram library”, selling sample packs on MusicPowered.

Normal merch is never going away though and digital products may not be for all bands or musicians. Owning a physical piece of memorabilia is something you can’t replace but for musicians that work professionally and produce their own digital goods, the new digital delivery features in MusicPowered are going to take their merch sales to the next level!

Opening a sample pack to view the details on MusicPowered.

It’s my pleasure to announce the new digital delivery features in MusicPowered. Using the tools, the musician can create digital packages containing music, pictures and documents. They can also add a few LoFi samples (e.g. short MP3s or low resolution picture samples) to their package which allow the end customer to get a taste for what’s being sold.

Managing your sample packs / digital packages on the MusicPowered admin portal.
Uploading deliverable files (originals) and lofi preview files on the MusicPowered admin portal.

Once done, the digital packages become available for sale on the customer facing band website. The customers add packages to their carts and then complete checkout via a secure payment mechanism.

We’ve been able to re-use 90% of the MusicPowered merch engine and checkout to support digital delivery. This means the upfront cost of implementing the feature has been greatly reduced, all thanks to the extensible nature of the existing engine

Lachlan Pearce, Founder MusicPowered

On the other side of the fence are the loyal fans, or in this case it might be a local producer that needs a music loop. They will receive the digital package instantly upon completing checkout from the musician’s MusicPowered website. The package will be delivered by a unique download link in the customer’s email inbox.

After secure checkout, customers receive an email containing download links to download the samples.

Through our deep connections with the music industry, we’ve been able to develop an eCommerce solution that really gets to the heart of selling digital goods

Lachlan Pearce, Founder MusicPowered

Having the ability to not only sell standard merch, but also digital goods, gives MusicPowered musicians an extra edge. Generating a passive income on the side of playing music is a big bonus for musicians and bands, allowing them to continue doing what they love doing. Digital good sales via MusicPowered is truly a passive income, since there aren’t any logistics or upfront costs in stocking and keeping track of sale items like traditional merch sales. MusicPowered takes care of the whole workflow: from creating the digital package, hosting it for sale online, accepting payments securely and finally delivering the digital asset to customers.

If you’re a musician or in a band looking to grow your audience and promote your music, using MusicPowered could be the key to success! For your free band website, follow the link below!

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