Merch Mastery: Elevate Your Storefront with MusicPowered!

Ready to take your merch game to the next level? Look no further than MusicPowered – your ultimate bandmate in the business!

With MusicPowered, showcasing and selling your albums, tees, hats, and more is a breeze. Our platform empowers you to curate the ultimate online store experience, providing both you and your fans with essential info to elevate your merch game:

Stock Management
Stay in control with our intuitive admin portal. Set stock counts and watch as inventory updates in real-time. No more worrying about overselling – once stock runs out, your fans will have to wait for the next drop!

Global Shipping
Conquer the world market with confidence! Define shipping regions effortlessly using our interactive world map. Set postage costs for each region, ensuring smooth transactions no matter where your fans are.

Visual Showcase
Let your merch shine! Upload stunning product images with ease, giving your fans a 360° view of what they’re getting. With sleek slideshows on product pages, they’ll be hooked at first sight.

Product Customization
From sizes to shades, offer it all! Easily manage product variations to cater to every fan’s preference. With customizable options at checkout, your fans can pick the perfect fit every time.

Secure Transactions
Rest easy knowing your fans’ data is safe and sound. MusicPowered follows stringent security standards, ensuring encrypted transactions for every purchase.

Seamless Payments
Cash in effortlessly with our Stripe integration. Sign up, sit back, and watch the funds roll in. With notifications for every sale and monthly payouts, getting paid has never been smoother. (Note: Stripe charges a small fee per transaction.)