How do I setup payments?

Payments are provided in MusicPowered by using Stripe. Stripe is a payment gateway and can process customer cards securely and quickly. Once you sign up for a Stripe account, you’ll need a few details from your account which are saved in MusicPowered.

Please follow the below steps to get payments setup in MusicPowered:

  1. If you don’t have a Stripe account, go over to to sign up for a new one
  2. Once you’re logged into Stripe, go to the “Developers” section. The button for that is in the top right hand side of the screen
  3. Over on the left hand side “Developers” menu, go to “API Keys”
  4. On a different browser window or tab, login to your MusicPowered admin portal
  5. Go to “Site settings” from the top menu, then go to “Payments” from the menu below
  6. Switch back to Stripe and copy the keys across. In Stripe, copy “Publishable key” into MusicPowered field “Stripe public key” and the “Secret key” into “Stripe private key”
  7. Click “Save changes” on the MusicPowered page

Now you’re ready to start accepting payments!